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Welcome to Singapore’s first fashion space for everyone who values the two most essential S in fashion, STYLE



The Fashion Pulpit offers the pleasure of a regular shopping experience – guilt free! We stand for solutions to fashion overconsumption and waste, but we need your help.

Join us in revolutionizing the clothing industry “from wasteful to resourceful”


Helps declutter & refresh your wardrobe without hurting your wallet and our planet.

Swap your fashionable items for points (based on the quality, style


brand). Only items in great condition will be accepted (good enough to gift to a friend!). Use your

points in exchange for stylish pieces and a whole new look!


Breathing a new life into worn- out items.

As a part of our zero-waste initiative, fashion items that don’t make it to the swap space will be transformed into something fashionable, functional, and swappable!

Too precious to swap but bored with the style? Upcycle it! We work with you to transform every piece into something exciting, giving new life to that garment you cherish.


Creates a great impact through a small change by prolonging the life of an item.

For fashion items needing minor repairs (missing button, loose threads etc.), our in-house designer will bring your fashion items back to life to wear or even to swap!


Translating skills and awareness on sustainable fashion through engaging activities.

We have lined up workshops, talks, and activities for our members to explore sustainable fashion tips and tricks. Learn how to better take care of your clothes, explore what to do with old ones and discover new styling tips with our exciting panel of experts!

Want to share your own initiative? We’re always open to collaboration throughout the space. Get in touch with us at


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The Fashion Pulpit

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